Learn how you can workout at home and get in better shape than at the gym.

Some people dont like going to the gym because they feel a little scared or intimated because of the other people at the gym and thats fine because it might actually make you feel less masculine. Now there is a solution for you problem and that Insanity and the t25 workout dvds. What makes these dvds so great is that you can get in the best shape while staying at home. What makes these workout so great is that it is a body weight workout and body weight workout is what really build strength. When you lift weights at the gym it does build muscle but not muscle that will translate in real life, with bodyweight workout does translate to real life.


When it comes to the insanity workout it is a pre bodyweight cardio workout that will make you lose fat. If you are more interested in burning fat then I would recommend to use this workout because you will accomplish your goal if you do complete this workout. All you need for the insanity workout is your body, space and a dvd player.

T25 is different from the Insanity workout as it focus more on building muscle and it is a shorter workout. If you are a busy person and dont have that time to go to the gym then try the t25 as it is a very short and effective workout. Although it is a short workout it is still a very intense workout that will leave you on the floor once you are done.

The final product I want to talk about that will get you great abs if you still cant get there is the flex belt as it is a great way to get you abs stronger and ripper on your rest day. It is a belt that you put around you waist and it will move you abs in a way that it will work them out. It is a great add on with Insanity and t25

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How to make a great character is important and you need to know how to do so

Right now i am playing two great rpgs Skyrim and Dark Souls and each game I have managed to make great builds. In Skyrim I have made an assassin and archer build with the wood elf and mage build for Dark Souls which is great for Pvp and Pve. When I played Skyrim I wanted to play with a range character and I am also loved stealth so it was a natural fit for me. When I play with this build I am able to beat enemies that are far more stronger than I am because I will stay unnoticed and when I attack with my bow or dagger I do triple the damage. My build made the game so much easier that it should be because of the sneaky tactic I have done in order to move around. What I did to make this build better is that I did the dark brotherhood and thief guild quest to get the best weapons and armor for my build until I was able to smith the equipment I needed. When I was finally done with my build there wasnt any monster or dragon in skyrim that could beat me.

In Dark Souls it was a little different because you have to be more careful than in Skyrim because how easily you can die in Dark Souls. There were so many builds I have done that did not workout at all and I have to start all over again. Before I start making a build I look at what I want and how I want my character to fight against other Dark Souls players. The build I did was a mage build and I love this build. When I play PvP I can do so many different things with this build and there is so many cheap tactic you can do with this.

Assassin Archer best weapons builds: Bows & Daggers,  Dark Souls top builds in Dark Souls pvp, Santier’s Spear & Moonlight Great: the best Dark Souls 2 weapons